Virtual Learning Environment – FAQs

Since a few weeks, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) portal has been initiated by AlHuda International School to facilitate its students to keep in touch with studies. Weekly study plans based on core subjects have been designed and uploaded for each grade. Parents are requested to support their children to work on the VLE on a regular basis to help them use this as a means of reinforcing concepts studied in the first 2 terms.

Find below a list of Frequently asked questions to help you troubleshoot your problems at the portal.

1- How do I Login to Virtual Learning?

Enter the user/pwd given to you via email for VLE at the following link:


2- I haven’t received the user & pwd yet, what should I do?

Incase if login details haven’t been received by you or your spouse via email, email to [email protected] with subject: VLE New Login Request along with the following details:

Name of Student:
Grade and Section:

Please note that VLE logins can only be created for current AIS students.

3- I have received login details for 1 child but not other. What should I do?

1 login will be used for 1 family, therefore siblings will access the portal using same login details.

However, the dashboard will take each student to his/her individualized study program.

If one of your children has an account but your other AIS children’s grades aren’t appearing on the dashboard, please email to [email protected] with subject: Sibling Access Request

along with following information:
Current username:
Name of student:
Grade and Section:

4- There are Restrictions on activities/weeks. I am unable to access an activity.

Generally, for each task there is an explanatory video and a practice task followed by a quiz/assignment.  Activities are designed to be done sequentially. Therefore, in most cases, each activity needs to be completed before being able to access the next.

Upon completion of an activity, return to the Subject page where you will see that a green tick has appeared next to the task completed resulting in unrestricting the next task automatically.

If you do not see a green tick against the task, please make sure that the task has been fully attempted and any submission required has been uploaded before you manually click the tick to make it green.

Note: You will need to refresh the page after marking the green tick for an activity in order to un-restrict the next task.

The activities of multiple weeks may have been uploaded for your child.
But, you can only access next week’s activities if previous week has been completed.
Task completion progress is shown as a percentage on the dashboard.

5- How do I upload my child’s homework?

Where required, you can upload the child’s written work in PDF or JPG formats whereas Audio Files may be uploaded using MP3 format. These file formats allow online annotation and feedback by teachers.

6- The marking in Quiz seems to be incorrect, how do I report it?

In case of discrepancies in a quiz, send an email to: [email protected] with subject: Quiz Issue along with following details so that it may be corrected:

Name of task:

7- I have some other issues related to VLE, who do I contact?

For any other issue related to VLE, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help in sha Allah.