Upcoming Speech & Poetry Competition – Circular for Primary & Secondary Section

Upcoming Speech & Poetry Competition – Circular for Primary & Secondary Section

Dear Parents,

Assalamu alaikum,

This is to inform you that AlHuda International School is hosting a Speech and Poetry Competition for the Primary and Secondary Section, on 26th of September 2013. This competition will be held in the 3 languages taught at AIS; English, Urdu & Arabic. The event will be taking place at the Al-Huda International Institute located at H-11/4.

Your child has been preparing for this event for the last one week in his/her respective class. There are no topics for the Poetry Competition and therefore, the students are encouraged to write on any subject they feel strongly about. Whereas for the Speech Competition, students have been given a list of topics suitable for their age group to choose from.

Students have been writing their own poems and speeches under the supervision and guidance of their class teachers. This is to teach them independent creative writing, and to help them build confidence in their own abilities. Parents may help their child brainstorm on their chosen topic but are kindly requested to refrain from writing their child’s poem or speech. Any speech or poetry that is written by parents or plagiarized will be disqualified for the competition.

Students will be handing in their submission/s and will compete in an In-House Competition that will be held on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th September. In this In-House Competition, the final selection will be made for the Final Competition.

Jazakumullah Khair for your support and cooperation.

Atif Iqbal

Director AIS