Spellathon 2014

Spellathon 2014

Primary and Secondary Section

Yet another exciting event for the young intellectuals of AIS! The final round of AlHuda International School’s Annual Spellathon 2014 was held on Wednesday, 12th February for Grades I-III and Grades IV-VI (boys) and on Thursday, 13th February for Grades IV-VI (girls). Three students from each section were selected for the final round after initial rounds held within each class.

The event began with the recitation of the Qur’an. The objective of this co-academic event was to encourage the students to enhance their vocabulary, which is a primary tool for the understanding, facilitation and expression of the English language. The students and staff members supported the contestants who had made it to the final round, each one brimming with excitement.

The procedure of the event was such that the announcer spoke a word which the contestants then had to repeat, then spell it and finally pronounce the word again. In the first and second rounds, the students had to spell the words from a given list of vocabulary. However, the third round consisted of challenging surprise words from their course books. Although each student had three turns to spell different words but still nearly all the classes had to go through the tie breaking rounds as the competition was pretty tough. After numerous tie-breaking rounds, the winners were declared by the honourable judges and were congratulated by the Director and Section Heads.

The Bonus Round was held between the Best Spellers of all grades in which they competed to get the grand ‘Speller of the Year’ award.

The environment was filled with excitement and the participants and the audience alike displayed zeal and zest. Students also volunteered to present nasheeds while the judges compiled the results. The event ended with Takbeerat to glorify the superiority of Allah (swt) who made it possible for us to hold such a meaningful event.

The AIS Spellers of the year 2014 are:

Best Spellers of Each Grade

Name Grade
Khola Imtiaz I B
Maria Zaheer II B
Taha Awan III A
Ramin Riaz IV B (Boys)
Huda Aslam IV A (Girls)
Hassan Mustafa V B (Boys)
Mehreen Mansoor V A (Girls)
Ali Cheema & Ahmed Ayaz VI C (Boys)
Amna Sherani VI A (Girls)

Spellers of the Year

Name Category
Maria Zaheer (II B) Grades I and II
Ramin Riaz (IV B) Grades III and IV (Boys)
Huda Aslam  (IV A) Grades III and IV (Girls)
Hassan Mustafa (V B), Ahmed Ayaz  (VI  C) Grades V and VI (Boys)
Mehreen Mansoor (V A) Grades V and VI (Girls)