The Mitthu & Mano Show

The Mitthu & Mano Show

Who says learning can’t be fun?

It is a difficult time for young ones to stay indoors and, on top of that, study indoors! It’s time to put excitement back into learning with our one-of-a-kind creative learning experience through a Thrilling Puppet Show!

A Story of Two Friends

Join Mitthu (the cute & frivolous Parrot) and Mano (the sweet & sensible Cat) as they connect through a video call and learn from each other how to stay busy, understand new Islamic concepts, and experience the ultimate entertainment with fun learning activities.

Ever since closure of schools due to the pandemic, the two best friends are finding it difficult to stay away from each other and trying to understand the grave dilemma that has enveloped the whole world. While doing so, they come to realize that now is the time, more than ever, to turn to Allah (SWT) for help and protection. They realise that talking to one another helps them enrich, learn, grow and have fun unimaginable!

An AIS Production

AlHuda International School(AIS) is committed to providing educational resources and learning opportunities that make the most out of this Quarantine time. This Puppet show has been especially crafted and launched for children worldwide quarantined in their homes. The Mitthu & Mano show is based on 10 episodes, each with a specific theme that helps clear away troubles from young minds as well as keep them entertained and provide thrilling questions and activities.

The first ever Islamically Integrated Free Puppet Show coming soon to the comfort of your homes!

Like our page and enjoy The Mitthu & Mano Show starting from this Monday, 20th April 2020, aired daily at 2:00 pm (PKT) (except Sat & Sun) for 2 weeks.

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