Formative Assessment Notice- Primary & Secondary Section

Formative Assessment Notice- Primary & Secondary Section

Dear Parents

Assalamu alaikum. You are requested to note the following:

  1. The Formative assessments serve as practice for students, just like a meaningful homework assignment. They check for understanding along the way and guide teacher decision making about future instruction. They also provide feedback to students so they can improve their performance. The student’s role is to strive to understand what success looks like and to use each assessment to try to understand how to do better the next time. Here please find the FA schedule for the first term.
  2. AIS had arranged Support Learning Program for the subjects of Arabic and Tajweed from August 15th to 26th for the newly admitted students. The objective of this specially designed course was to familiarize these students with the two subjects. However, if a students did not fulfill the due requirements of the SLP then please note that as per school’s promotion policy, it is imperative for each student to acquire at least 50% marks in these two subjects for his/her promotion to the next grade.
  3.  In order to make the morning arrivals and home time dispersals of students smooth and efficient, the school would like to encourage parents to volunteer for dispersal duties. Please contact the school reception to fill the volunteer form. The form is also available at our website (



20th September 2013