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AlHuda International School

An aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad; is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on Islamic guidelines. Founded in September 2010 in Islamabad, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system within a short span of time. Our broad curriculum includes language development (focusing on 3 languages, i.e. English, Arabic and Urdu), numeracy skills and scientic inquiry through hands-on experimentation. We have further enriched the curriculum by introducing a balanced Islamic Studies syllabus, based on themes that focus on personality and character development. AIS is a project of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation, which is a registered non-prot orgainisation.

The Need of the Hour

Due to scarcity of similar educational institutions in the country and a need in our society to nurture responsible Muslim citizens, AIS aims to develop a world-class campus to be situated in sector H-11, the educational hub of Islamabad. We are passionate about providing children with an infrastructure, which will prepare them to be successful in both this world and the hereafter, Insha Allah.

Prophet (S.A.W) said:

“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, but three: recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious off-spring who prays for him.”


Help us BUILD the FUTURE


Project Highlights


Sq ft total covered area.




Well equipped

58 classrooms, admin section, day care, 2 libraries, 3 science labs, computer lab, conference room, recording studio & a 550 capacity multipurpose hall.


Interactive learning boards, access control, centralized CCTV and centrally monitored fire-fighting mechanism amongst other state-of-the-art support systems.

Raising the bar

The new campus will not only meet the growing needs of the school, but would also set precedence for other institutes in the country and abroad, Insha Allah.

Project Updates

The new campus of AlHuda International School at sector H-11, Islamabad is in the initial construction phase. Updates of the project will be posted regularly at this page. For specific queries, please feel free to call us on  +92 332 5044442 or email at [email protected] VIEW ALL UPDATES

TOGETHER we can build the future of our Muslim Ummah, Insha Allah!

This huge task is not possible without the help of Allah (swt) and committed efforts and contributions of people like you.


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