Annual Sports Week at Karachi Campus

Annual Sports Week at Karachi Campus

Annual Sports Week is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our young tots to be more active and sporty, expressing their dynamic talents on a superb platform. With a number of games and competitions in hand, Sports Week in Karachi campus started on 14th of November and lasted till 18th of the same month. Inauguration ceremony was commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. A dua and hadith was shared followed by a warm welcome from the Section Head. Students shrieked with joy as the colourful balloons soared in the sky. Teachers and staff worked throughout the week enthusiastically playing, rehearsing and practicing with the young players. The games included Hula Hoop Race, Balloon Bursting, Cycling Race, Kangaroo Race, Tunnel Race, Bag Carrying, Bird Race, Flat Race, Sorting Healthy/Junk food Race and Sorting of Colour Balls. Students were delighted to see the teachers and janitorial staff join in the fun by participating in games including Book Balancing Race and Lemon Spoon Race. It was a week teeming with resolve and determination, every student was a winner and achiever. The closing ceremony marked the end of Sports Week featuring the PT display on a Nasheed. After distributing the prizes, Chief Guest gave note of thanks commending and appreciating the hard work of all the teachers and students. #FunInIslam

Annual Sports Week- List of Winners

Junior Montessori-A

Game: Tunnel Race

1 Hamza Zohaib 1st
2 Yousuf Abdul Razzak 2nd
3 Mariam Rauf 3rd

Game: Bag Wearing Race

1 Haniya Shoaib 1st
2 Arwa Nadeem 2nd
3 Hunzala bin Bilal 3rd

Game: Bird Race

1 Saad Ovais 1st
2 Bilal Sher Khan 2nd
3 Abdul Baqi 3rd

Game: Flat Race

1 Khadija Farhan 1st
2 Hadi Junaid 2nd
3 Omar Ahmed 3rd

Junior Montessori-B 

Game: Cycling Race

1 Amar Khatri 1st
2 Hashir Riaz 2nd
3 Fatima Gul 3rd

Game: Sorting of Coloured Balls Race

1 Muhammad Huzaifa Kashif 1st
2 Fatimah Noor 2nd
3 Mustafa Naveed 3rd


Game: Kangaroo Race

1 Sarim Khan 1st
2 Shariqa Ali 2nd
3 Mariam Abdullah 3rd

Game: Tunnel Race

1 Rameen Ahmed 1st
2 Muhammad Ahmad 2nd
3 Hafsa Wafai 3rd

Senior Montessori-C

 Game: Hula Hoop Race

1 Sudais Abdullah 1st
2 Mariam Mustafa 2nd
3 Ali Ahmed 3rd

Game: Sorting Healthy/Junk Food Race

1 Qirrat e Fatimah 1st
2 Hafsah Abdullah 2nd
3 Husna Amir 3rd

Game: Balloon Bursting Race

1 Khadija Raza 1st
2 Ibrahim Fahad 2nd
3 Daniyal Yasir 3rd

 Game: Cycling Race

1 Eshal binte Omar 1st
2 Zainab Asghar 2nd
3 Shymel Hammad 3rd