AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (January 2017)

AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (January 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. 100% RCC raft has been poured, Alhamdulillah. Steel work of all columns till ground floor level is complete whereas steel for Retaining wall is 90% complete. Work was initiated on concreting of 10” thick RCC retaining wall. The month of January brought quite heavy spells of rain due to which work had to be halted intermittently. Overall, almost 50% of the month of January saw little or no activity on Site. Even then, we made good use of the gaps in the rainy spells and have managed to pour two sections of retaining wall which amount to approx. 15% of the total length.

    Work has also been carried out on the necessary water proofing of retaining wall and sides of raft. The water proofing consists of Grade 60/70 Bitumen coating covered by 1000 Gauge plastic sheet. Additionally, backfilling with earth along the completed retaining wall was commenced once the concrete had gained sufficient strength through proper curing.

    Due to their slenderness and high strength requirement, columns are a very crucial element of the structure so we are using the work on Retaining walls as an opportunity to fine tune the ratio that would be used for concrete in columns to provide the required strength of 7000 psi. In this regard, we have hitherto prepared two trial mixes that were used in the two sections already poured. Two more trials would be prepared in the upcoming third section ( to be poured in 1st week of February 2017). Additionally, trial mixes would also be separately prepared in lab and independently tested.

    Steel for U/G water tank to be constructed on site has been cut and excavation work would initiate for it by the final week of February. The U/G water tank would have a capacity of about 311,500 liters ( In addition to 40,000 liter Overhead water tank to be constructed on roof top).

  3. Deviations
  4. Apart from the Raft being poured in sections instead of as a whole, there has been no variation in construction specs. or method. As a rule , we are adhering to the Project Specifications as closely as possible. Wherever any changes or deviation is required, it is carried out through proper channel by coordination with Consultant and Management.

  5. Activities Planned for February 2017
  6. Concrete work – Retaining wall , Shear walls and perimeter columns( 7000 psi)

    Concrete work — RCC Main columns ( 7000 psi)