AIS H-11 Progress Report (December 2017)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work is well underway on structure of building and only 2 RCC slabs remain to be poured, which would be final by 3rd week of January 2018. The 3rd floor (remaining part) would be cast in 1st week of Jan and the roof (remaining part) would be cast in 3rd week of January. In accordance with Consultant recommendation, specialized welder team has been hired to carry out structural steel welding in main hall suspended columns. Since HVAC related equipment as well the Lift would be arriving on Site in Mid-February 2018 so the target is to have the structural works 100% final in January so as to be able to readily available for installation and commissioning.

    Work on finishing works and allied building services is well underway in the other part of Project where structural works are 100% complete. Work is underway on all floors on various activities including masonry, plaster, PCC flooring, electrification, gas piping, plumbing and HVAC works. The approved tile sample had arrived in early December and installation of the same has initiated from mid-December.

    Further regarding finishing materials, samples related to Granite and hand railing have been acquired and the same would be processed subject to review / comments of Management. To ensure safety, non-skid tiles are to be used in wash room areas and the samples of the same to be acquired for Management review / approval. Standard wooden doors have been tentatively approved by Management and 2 hr. Fire rated steel doors are to be acquired after being formally approved from Management.

    HVAC services are a very crucial aspect as their proper functioning is vital to providing constant fresh air within building (as well as cooling in designated areas). HVAC Contractor, MIA is working in close collaboration with Widecon as well as Client Electrical Consultant to ensure that all services are seamlessly integrated. Additionally, the external components, such as Generator, Transformer and HT / LT Panel room etc. are being located so that maximum space within plot may be utilized. Detail work on solar panel locations and its relevant components is being carried out by Electrical Consultant. Over all, a 5KW Solar system is part and parcel of the Project and the design is being fine-tuned in such a way so as to benefit most from the solar panels and to minimize reliance on WAPDA. This would cut down significantly on the building’s running cost.

    Finally, Vendor related to GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) overhead tank is being followed up. This innovation has been introduced to the Project. The 43,000 liter overhead tank would not only cater to the daily consumption need but would also maintain a minimum level of 23,000 liter for buildings firefighting systems (2 hydrants on each floor – in addition to CO2 cylinder and dry powder cylinder on all floors)

  3. Deviations
  4. For sake of simplicity, the flooring details proposed by Architect were reviewed and the types of flooring being used have been limited, namely: Porcelain, Anti-static, Non-skid, Marble, Granite & sports flooring. Any such variations are formally reviewed by AIS Management and formally approved prior to being implemented.

  5. Activities Planned for January 2018
  6. Structural

    Hanging slab 3rd floor (remaining part)

    Third floor columns (main hall area)

    Roof slab (remaining part)

    Mumty slab (steel laying, concrete pour)

    Raised slabs (stair well areas)


    Ground floor (Tile work, plumbing, gas piping, HVAC - ongoing)

    1st floor (PCC flooring, masonry, plaster, gas piping – ongoing)

    2nd floor (Electrical, masonry work – on going)

    3rd floor (Electrical work – ongoing)

    North (front) face elevation work