AIS H-11 Progress Report (May 2017)

AIS H-11 Progress Report (May 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Alhamdulillah, another very significant milestone has been achieved and Ground Floor Slab is 100% complete. As of now, the scaffolding in basement has been removed and preparations are being made to initiate brick masonry work in basement. Good quality, high strength bricks have been identified and finalized after testing from CWO lab and bricks of approved quality delivered to Site.

    In parallel, work on scaffolding and shuttering of First Floor slab is well underway in addition to concrete works on all stair wells as well as the lift shaft. Currently, a manpower of around 50 is working on Site which is expected to go up as work on Masonry works etc would initiate in basement.

    Regular testing of concrete work is being carried out and reasonably satisfactory results are constantly being obtained. Keeping in view the hot weather, all necessary precautions are being taken for curing etc to ensure desired strength of structural members is obtained.

    Additionally, samples for “sanitary fixtures”, which are a key donor related item have been acquired for approval of AIS Management prior to being uploaded on AIS website. Another item that requires owner approval at this stage are the band of decorative bricks on perimeter at each level so the required tucks in structural slab could be finalized accordingly. Contractor has been asked to provide several samples of the same.

    Follow up is being done with IESCO as well as SNGPL for necessary connections. Whereas HVAC works are concerned, quotations have been obtained from different vendors and put up for necessary review to concerned person at AIS prior to being submitted to Finance Department for further processing.

  3. Deviations
  4. VRV System has been tentatively approved by Management and a detailed financial and technical proposal has been submitted by vendor to Management for review and feedback.

  5. Activities Planned for June 2017
  6. Masonry works of Basement (continue)

    First Floor Columns