AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (November 2016)

AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (November 2016)

Management Summary

The Project “Al-Huda International School” was formally initiated two years ago in August 2014 by submission of drawings to CDA. The drawings were principally approved in June 2015 and work on-site formally began in August 2016 after the much needed clearances were obtained from Fire Directorate, Estate Directorate and Building Control Section. After much hectic follow-up, a comprehensive meeting was held with Director BCS on October 28. Currently drawings are being amended by Archcorp as per CDA comments shared with them. The duly amended drawings as per Director BCS comments would be submitted to CDA within 1st week of December 2016 and the NOC provided within 7-10 days thereafter.

Meanwhile, work has continued at a steady pace on Site. Due to the unusual dry spell, there has been no break in work so far and 2/3rd of Raft foundation concrete has been poured till date.

Progress and Deviations from Plan

Activities carried out in till date

Due to the huge amount of concrete work involved in Raft foundation and the availability of very little work space, it was decided that the raft foundation would be done in several sections. First section was cast on 14th November and the 2nd was cast on 28th November.  To ensure compliance with Specifications, a constant check was maintained on Site for maintaining the quality of concrete mix at desired level. For each section, 12 nos. cubes (6” x 6” x 6”) of concrete samples were prepared to be tested at 7 and 28 days. The mix design for 5500 psi concrete has already been finalized and independently tested from CWO Laboratory. Additionally, “Slump” is also regularly measured during concrete works and an average of approx. 5 inch value has been maintained as per Specifications. Trial mixes for 7000 psi concrete have been prepared and would be tested at 7 days and 28 days before column concrete is poured.

Record of Slump and compressive strength test is constantly maintained on Site along with that of material consumption and necessary Approvals etc. In addition to that, actual measurements are also incorporated in drawings and a complete set of up to date “As-Built” drawings would be printed out once the raft foundation is 100% complete. “Shop Drawings” (as per finalized list) are also being prepared as and when required and record of them being maintained separately.

To ensure proper bonding at the construction joints, SBR Latex was used. Additional # 4 steel bars were provided at mid depth for improved bonding between adjacent sections of Raft concrete.

Due to the generally upward trend in prices of various items, the Contractor has placed advance orders on various items to “lock” their prices. Some such items are related to electrification and plumbing works. Samples of materials procured, along with all relevant documentation, are maintained on Site office.  As part of Due diligence, I visited the manufacturing facility of M/s Fast Cables ltd in Lahore before approval was duly given for the same. As a rule, Director AIS is constantly onboard in the Approval process and his approval is duly documented prior to all procurements.


The initial drawings had shown Raft concrete without any construction joints.  Construction joints were proposed and duly incorporated after consultation with Structural Engineer at Archcorp.

The final section of Raft foundation is the largest and it has been proposed by Contractor that it be carried out in two equal halves. This has been shared with Archcorp and would be done only if the Structural Engineer gives formal approval.

Projected activities, risk and risk mitigation techniques

Activities planned for December 2016

  • Lay out of Steel in  final section of Raft foundation
  • Concrete work in final section of Raft foundation ( 5,500 psi)