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Loving to read and understand the Book of Allah

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Preparing for the future

Primary Section

Primary section is Alhamdulillah well on its way to attaining the vision of the school where students are being trained in a positive environment by passionate teachers. Our approach to learning is evolving day by day, modern and innovative techniques are being adopted to educate the students. These techniques optimize self-belief, competence and proficiency.

The Primary Section comprises of grades I – IV; boys and girls are segregated from grade IV onwards.

Key Features

  • Participation in national and international competitions
  • Tarbiyyah in and outside the classroom
  • Islamic themes discussed in the assembly and in the classroom
  • Display of soft boards revolving around the principles of Islam as well as concepts of science, mathematics etc.
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet and learn from religious scholars and professionals
  • Offering of daily Zuhr salah in congregation on campus



Qur’an – Recitation and Tahfeez *

Right from the beginning, students learn the art of Recitation of the Holy Qur’an. They also memorize different surahs, learn ahadith and duas.


Arabic *

Arabic is taught in a simplified and effective manner. Being the language of the Qur’an, it holds great importance within the academic framework of AIS.



As an English medium school, emphasis is placed upon the use of English throughout the school. Students are taught to communicate fluently and effectively in the English language. During the dynamic English lessons all areas are covered; including reading, writing, language activities, listening and speaking.



As our native language, Urdu is highly valued at our school. It is taught with the same zeal and emphasis as English and Arabic.


Mathematics *

Students are taught Mathematical concepts which are reinforced through practical activities. The methodology adopted at AIS provides a platform for students to become independent in utilizing their math skills. This approach helps form a strong foundation to build upon in coming academic years.

islamic studies

Islamic Studies *

A separate department is dedicated to the development of the Islamic Curriculum. Our school has a thematic approach to the way Islamic Studies is taught, where a concept is reinforced in all aspects of teaching. Through this process, students learn in an engaging manner, which helps increase their knowledge, while enriching their faith and thus translating into action.



The subject of Science is taught in such a way that students are made to realize and appreciate the greatness of Allah and His creations. They are motivated to understand the application of scientific concepts through our exceptional resources such as documentaries, diagrams and science projects. Exhibitions and competitions held within the school are an effective means to further nurture their scientific inquisitiveness. Students are encouraged to make discoveries, devise formulae and experiment on their own.


General Knowledge

Students develop an understanding of the world through Geography in which they learn about the environment, other cultures, their economy and politics. Emphasis is placed upon how to become responsible and active citizens of the world. Through History, students derive important lessons from the past and benefit from a focused study of Muslim Heroes.


Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is a combined subject involving dramatic skills for stage performances, delivering speeches amongst small groups or before the morning assembly and building on existing skills and talents, thereby developing stage presence and self-confidence. Arts and Crafts is a way to expand a student’s mind, broadening his/her horizons in being creative and helping them refine their gross and fine motor skills. Students use this time to analyse, criticize and produce original pieces of Art.




Physical Education

Health and Fitness is ensured by providing the students training in sports such as Martial Arts, Badminton, Table Tennis, Racing etc. All students partake in weekly physical activities.