Graduation Ceremony of First Batches of Preschool and Montessori

Graduation Ceremony of First Batches of Preschool and Montessori

AlHuda International School hosted  its 1st Preschool and Montessori Graduation Ceremony.

It was indeed a very special day; young students of AIS  were standing at crossroads in their lives- pre-schoolers who would be starting their academic journey and Montessori students whose three years journey full of joy, laughter and learning in Montessori had successfully completed.

The ceremony was attended by the parents and relatives of young graduates.

The ceremony started in the name of Allah (SWT) followed by a video montage of the young visionaries and their journey of the past 3 years.

The students expressed their feelings of gratitude towards the school, their teachers and the parents. Parents also shared their sentiments on the tenure of their children at school. They appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the school management to bring about clarity in the minds of these young students.

The chief guest, Commander (Retd) Abid Iqbal, distributed certificates to the Preschool and Montessori graduates. He was delighted to see the young children dressed in their graduation gowns taking another step forward in their lives as literate and confident Muslims. He appreciated the performances of the young students and extended his heartiest congratulations to the students, their parents and the teachers.

In the end, Atif Iqbal,  Director of AlHuda International School thanked the guests for attending the ceremony and encouraging the students. He commended the efforts of the parents who are constantly helping to achieve the vision of the school.