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Qur’an for All; In every hand, In every heart


To develop the academic skills of children, enhance their natural talents, impart authentic religious education and ensure positive character building in order to make them responsible Muslims, contributing citizens and respectful human beings.

Core Values

Core Values


AlHuda International School (AIS) was established in September 2010 by Dr. Farhat Hashmi, founder of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation. In the words of Dr. Hashmi, “Since long, I felt a dire need for schools that would help connect children with Allah right from their early years, nurturing them into adulthood with a true understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah, strong academic knowledge and a balanced personality. ” As the Chief Executive, Dr. Hashmi heads the  planning and development of the school, paying special attention to the Islamic curriculum design and integration. Read More

Why AIS?

There are many reasons why AIS is the school of choice for many. Listed below are the top few:

Working closely with parents for the best schooling and upbringing results

Wide range of teaching methodologies

Remarkably low student to teacher ratio of 7:1

All-rounded development of the child including mental, physical, spiritual and  emotional aspects

Caring & stimulating environment based on Islamic guidelines

Some of the best qualified teachers with rich teaching experience

Constant training of teachers both professionally and Islamically

3 languages (Arabic, English and Urdu) from Montessori up till all grades

Specially designed broad and balanced curriculum

Team AIS

AIS is run by dynamic individuals who provide a rewarding and enriching learning experience Alhamdulillah.


  • "It was beyond our expectations hats off for your hard work and immense creative imaginations. We are pretty much sure that our children are in safe hands. May Allah bless you all"

    Nadia Kashif

  • MashaAllah! I am very impressed with this school. This is the best Montessori school I have seen. All my duas for its growth and multiplication into a global school system!!! Imtiaz Rastgar, Chairman Rastgar Group
  • "I was all delighted to see AIS with all its vibrant colors, engaging tools, dedicated teachers and neat and clean environment. My best wishes and duas for AIS and AlHuda. May Allah reward all its teachers and admin and management and enable them to instill true love of Allah and understanding of Deen in young minds and hearts" Sarah Naveed, mother
  • "LOVE THIS SCHOOL!! Well worth doing hijra for Alhumdulillah"

    Faiza Khalique, mother

  • "My children and I take pride in being a part of this school. They are getting modern studies as well as good Islamic grounding. Whatever I wanted for my children, this school is providing. I feel as if I can never thank the school enough for what they have done for my children and my family. I can only make dua for the prosperity of this institute" Mother
  • "I don't find words to express my gratitude, teachers have worked wonders. There is mashaAllah brilliant improvement in Rahima's learning and behavior. May all the children be truly sadqa-e-jaria for AIS Montessori staff"

    Sadia Naveed, Grandmother