3rd Reading Target

Every time children read something new, their brain makes room for new words and vocabulary to fit in. The more the children read, the more words they will come across, which eventually will enable them to understand and use a larger vocabulary in their everyday lives.

Alhamdulillah, The Reading Program at AlHuda International School is paving the beautiful and exciting road of independent reading for its Montessori students.

Victoriously achieving their 3rd Reading Target we had 45 Advance Montessori students & 31 Senior Montessori students from H-11 Campus, where as there were 47 Advance Montessori students & 29 Senior Montessori students from F-8 Campus who joyously received their certificates.

The utmost motivation and determination of these students is apparent through their hard earned accomplishment. Both the parents and teachers of these young readers were equally pleased, without whose help the realisation of this dream may not have been possible.

Heading towards the end of this academic year, there is still one more target to accomplish by completing the goal of reading 24 books. Looking forward to more brilliant reading!

Click here to view the list of 3rd Reading Target Achievers: